The Goal Is Simple

Provide women around the world no matter what age, shape, or size... With highly effective options when it comes to working out & living a healthy lifestyle.

What we do

BBX Online Trampoline Classes

If rebounding and trampoline fitness is something that sounds fun to you, guess what?? You're damn right!

Low impact and high intensity. BBX Online is perfect for women that want to burn up to 800 calories in a class and kick some ass :)

Low Impact Exercise

Due to the mat absorbing most of the shock while bouncing, you can significantly reduce the impact on joints and soft tissue. This is the perfect solution if you have prior injuries or are on a rehabilitation program.

Live A Healthier Life

BBX Online has incredible benefits in terms of your health. Heart, respiratory and immune systems all get a boost from the power of bouncing.

Go At Your Own Pace

You can quickly Increase Your Fitness Levels by going at the pace I set, or you can set the pace you are comfortable with and build up over time.

Sister Squad

Epic Home Workouts For Women that can be done with resistance bands or no equipment at all (no excuses).

Have Fun. Sweat. Burn Fat. Build Muscle! Start Now With Any Of Our Live On-Demand Choreographed, HIIT Or Resistance Band Classes.

24/7 all access pass!

To our library of live on-demand resistance band & HIIT workout routines. We add new routines every month so you (and your body) never get bored, or too comfortable :)

Discover your body's...

Specific caloric needs and finally begin to see the food that you eat for what it is. We will show you how to fuel your body the right way, and how to avoid overwhelming your system with food that leaves you feeling lethargic and unsatisfied.

Fun & Effective Choreographed

Resistance & HIIT Routines that are perfect for losing pounds of unwanted fat, building muscle, and sculpting an amazing “real world” strong body. You will be sweating but that’s ok. That my friends is just weakness leaving your body.

why we do it

I’ve been there

Over the last 15 years coaching women from all walks of life, I truly believe I have finally found the perfect solution for real women when it comes to their overall fitness and health.

It would be a crime not to share what I have found with all the amazing women in the world just like you! xoxo

I know what works & we provide everything you need to get the results you desire!

  • Workouts choreographed to motivating music
  • The perfect blend of resistance, HIIT, & cardio training
  • Press play follow along routines that can be done anywhere at anytime
  • Realistic & simple nutritional tracking & guidelines
  • Mealplans & grocery lists to suit all dietary needs


What they say

Judith Mather


I have been a client of Emma's for over two years. I now actually look forward to working out (which is something I never thought I would say!)

Ranjita Savant


The first person on my mind when it comes to fitness is Emma! I highly recommend her for she changed my perspective and me feel comfortable in my own skin.

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