I was a woman in my early 20’s trying to find a way that I could live life on my own terms. I really wanted to break free from my day job so I wouldn't have to stay in a job that could never give me what I truly wanted.

I wanted to be able to turn my passion for fitness into a career and one day become my own boss.

The thing is, with all the hours spent settling deceased customers accounts in the bank I was working for, I was struggling to find the right path, I had no idea how to start, and many days I thought I would never find what I was searching for. That meant I wasn’t able to control my future, let alone help the people that mattered most to me.

To make things worse, I felt terrible because I knew I had the ability to change my life. I felt even worse about the situation because deep down I knew that I could also help other people that were just like me, but because of all the hours working in my bank job, I didn't have the time to find the right path. To be honest, I felt like a failure as a human being.

The problem was that working in the bank would never give me the freedom I craved in my life or the chance to help people just like me to do something they loved. Which meant if I didn't get out of this job fast, I would regret that decision for the rest of my life, all this ultimately meant I was on the clock to find the right opportunity or see my dreams squashed forever.

Then, as if by chance, something amazing happened... (not straight away, but keep reading and you will understand what I mean)

While working for the bank I managed to find a small Pilates studio that was close to where I lived. The owner of the studio was a qualified Pilates instructor. She was going to train me to also become an instructor, and then give me a job teaching classes part-time.

This was a great opportunity for me to get my start in the fitness industry and ultimately led me to the position I am in today.

As much as I enjoyed my time spent with this particular studio, it never ticked all the boxes that I had in my mind.

I was still an employee which meant I was not in charge of my own financial future, and I was still confined by whatever schedule that the owner decided to go with that month.

Even though I was now working in an industry I was in love with, I still wanted more!

Remember I said something amazing happened :), well here goes!

That's when I got approached by a Pilates client of mine (Caroline) from the studio and she began to tell me all about exercising on mini trampolines!

She had come across an ad in the local paper and told me that the minute she saw it I came into her head.

Once I jumped online and looked up the company she had told me about, it became crystal clear to me how I could turn my passion for fitness into a career and become my own boss overnight. I saw that other people in the UK were already doing this and I decided right then that I was going to be the one to bring this fitness class to thousands of people just like me in Ireland.

I also learned that fitness didn’t have to be boring, and by becoming a Boogie Bounce Xtreme instructor I come bring my fun-loving personality to the classes and get people fired up about exercising again.

That’s when it hit me and I realised that the secret to living life on my own terms was taking the Boogie Bounce instructor course.

As a result of finding out about this opportunity, I immediately got my flights to the UK and my instructor BBX course booked.

After that was done I instantly felt like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. This was the opportunity I had been waiting for all my life!

Suddenly, I was looking at life again in a positive way. No more stressful days spent dealing with death certificates for this woman!

Now I finally had a plan.

First I had to start researching how I could get in front of potential clients.

So I started making a list of everyone that I knew. I contacted them and told them I would be starting Boogie Bounce classes in the very near future and they had to come once I did.

But I didn’t stop there.

I then started advertising in local newspapers and magazines (this is before I figured out Facebook ads).

After that, I booked a local venue that had enough space for me to put 25 mini trampolines in each class.

Once I had everything in place I realised that I was now at the very beginning of designing my own life.

But there was still a problem...

Every time I did a class, the 25 people and myself, felt amazing by the end of that hour.

But that was also the problem. That was only 26 people that felt amazing by the end of the day.

I soon fixed that, by running 2 classes each night and doing 4 nights per week. That was now 200 people every week that I could help live a healthier life, increase their fitness levels and just generally de-stress.

I had finally proven to myself that I could be successful running my own business and at this point, I had designed a life that was all on my own terms.

But inside I knew I could do more. I could do more for both myself and all the people I wanted to help.

I ended up getting so frustrated with the inability to both clone myself and teach more classes each week that I decided to become a master BBX trainer.

If I couldn’t physically teach more than 8 hours per week, I knew that if I became a master trainer and showed other people how to do exactly what I had done, I could exponentially increase the number of people I helped every single week.

I didn’t care I wasn't teaching the classes, all these people still got the benefits BBX has to offer and that is the only thing that mattered. As a result of becoming a master trainer, I’m now able to teach one person how to teach the classes and change their lives and everyone who attends their classes.

After becoming first a BBX instructor, and then a BBX master trainer I was not only able to become my own boss and help others live an all-round healthier and happier life, but I’ve also been able to stop worrying about going to a day job that I hate and wasting my one shot at life.

We can now get people to fitness classes and make a difference in their lives.

And in the end, all of this means I’m now able to spend time relaxing with the people I love, help thousands of people through Boogie Bounce and do the things I really enjoy in life.

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