At Last! The Solution For Gyms Who Are Being Branded As “Factory Farmed Fitness" Establishments... Boogie Bounce Classes Are Guaranteed To Change Potential Clients Minds!!!

Update! If You can’t stand members smiling and hate people talking about how awesome your gym is… Don’t Apply!!

Low Impact On Joints And Ligaments

Our mat helps absorb the shock and impact throughout the workout. This makes Boogie Bounce ideal for all shapes, sizes and ages. 


Increased Lymph Flow And Immune System Function

Bouncing greatly increases lymph fluid circulation which directly boosts the immune system. This increases white blood cell activity and detoxification as a whole.


Calorie Burn And Weight Loss

Latest results are showing between 500-800 calories being burnt per class. Your members will be amazed with the rapid changes to their bodies, when they attend regular classes.

Heart And Lung Benefits

Bouncing has a huge impact on heart function and strength. Being an aerobic exercise also let's us tap into the respiratory benefits that are associated with this type of exercise.

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